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    We are here to provide quality and accurate service, which is our foundation purpose, from the beginning to the end from the moment you step into our clinic. We want you to smile with our professional team.

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    About Us

    Our Clinic

    In our clinic, we invite you to smile with health with our expert team, whose duty we are to provide the most accurate, highest quality and best service to our patients throughout the entire treatment.

    98%Patient Satisfaction

    16+Years of Experience

    CINIK Dental

    Why Us?

    Pioneer in Health Tourism

    With more than 16 years of experience, we provide safe and quality service for all our patients, both domestic and international.

    Friendly Service

    It is important to us that you feel comfortable. The smile on the faces of our teammates never goes away.

    Professional Service

    We wish you a confident smile with our expert healthcare professionals and technical staff.

    Precision Diagnostics

    We use modern tools to detect and treat the area that threatens your oral and dental health.

    Modern Clinic

    We determine the most suitable treatment plan for you with the latest technological devices and our fully equipped clinic.

    Post-Op Service

    With our professional staff, we periodically monitor the post-treatment processes of our patients and help you.
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    Modern Treatments for Your Oral and Dental Health

    CINIK Dental always prioritizes patient satisfaction and focuses on improving its treatments with the help of developing technologies.
    After a comprehensive consultation and diagnosis process, we decide on the treatment together with you.
    Our dentists will take care of your smile with dedication.
    After the treatment process, we make periodic checks to make sure your oral and dental health is good.
    We produce comprehensive solutions for you to have a self-confident smile.
    You can make an appointment right away and take advantage of the free consultation opportunity!

    Cosmetic Dentistry

    Aesthetic Dentistry

    Aesthetic Dentistry is a dentistry practice that incorporates treatments such as lamina coating, zirconium teeth, implants, orthodontics, teeth whitening in order to provide aesthetic smile design. In addition to oral and dental health, it allows you to have an aesthetically impressive tooth and jaw structure.

    What is laminate veneer?

    It is a method applied by shaving the surface of the anterior tooth to a certain extent. Worn and deformed teeth are improved aesthetically thanks to the laminate coating. It is widely used in smile design.
    Natural Appearance
    Color Doesn't Change
    Smooth Surface

    What is zirconium veneer?

    They are zirconia crowns that are used to replace broken, deformed, or missing teeth. It is a treatment that involves shaving the tooth to a certain extent and applying it to the tooth. It is also used for patients who want to have an aesthetic smile and healthy chewing.
    Metal Free
    Color Doesn't Change
    Heat Insulator

    What is implant?

    Titanium screws are placed in the jawbone. Superstructures that provide a healthy chewing and aesthetic appearance are attached to these placed screws.
    Other Teeth Are Not Damaged
    Reduces Alveolar Bone Resorption

    What is Teeth Whitening?

    For many reasons, factors such as age and diet can cause darkening of the tooth color over time. It is a cosmetic bleaching procedure. It varies depending on the patient and the tooth.

    What is Smile Design?

    Taking the patient's physical characteristics into account, It is the restoration of a natural and aesthetic appearance to teeth and gums that have deteriorated visually due to a variety of factors.

    Treatment Process

    Oral and Dental Health Inspection Process

    Your oral and dental health is thoroughly checked by our specialists and your treatment process is determined.
    Free Consultation
    By contacting our experts, you can complete your free consultation and find answers to your questions.
    We create an examination date according to the results obtained after the consultation and your preferences.
    We welcome you to our clinic to perform the treatment with your treatment plan.
    After your treatment process, your oral and dental health is monitored periodically by our specialists.

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