Teeth Bleaching

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment used to return teeth that have lost their whiteness to their original natural and white tones. Tooth enamel is damaged as a result of improper care and factors such as excessive consumption of tea, coffee, and acidic liquids. Because of this damage, the teeth start to get yellow and lose their original white color. Yellowing teeth can be returned to their natural colors with teeth whitening treatment. Dental whitening treatment should be performed by a dentist. Otherwise, irreversible tooth damage may occur.


How is teeth whitening done?

Teeth whitening treatment can be applied in 2 ways. These applications are home bleaching and office bleaching methods. Following consultation and analysis, the tooth whitening procedure to be used is determined.


Office Bleaching Method in Clinic

In the clinical setting for teeth whitening, the whitening gel stated by the dentist is applied using heat or ultraviolet light. The teeth are prepared and made suitable for the whitening procedure before the treatment. For this, the teeth are first cleaned and polished. The tone of the tooth color is determined after the cleaning procedure, and tooth whitening treatment is applied. The treatment lasts approximately 30-45 minutes.


Home Bleaching

This is one of the methods preferred by patients who would like to healthfully bleach their teeth and sustain the bleaching effect in the comfort of their home. Using the sizes measured by dentist, a tailor-made dental plate is prepared in the laboratory. Bleaching gel is applied in the plate, and the plate is mounted accordingly. Bleaching procedure is performed by using this plate for the periods specified according to the treatment plan.


Night Guard

These are the tailor-made plates prepared in the laboratory with the sizes measured by dentist, to minimize the harmful impacts of teeth grinding during sleep.

Thanks to its internally hard, but externally soft structure; provides ease of use and durability. These plates are produced from a flexible, unbreakable and transparent material. It is also possible to prepare soft plates based on patient request.


What should be considered after teeth whitening?

It is normal to develop sensitivity in the teeth after the teeth whitening treatment is completed. Care should be taken regarding food and beverage in this process. For the first 24 hours following bleaching, foods having coloring effects should not be consumed. After 24 hours, cleaning and care should be done as suggested by the dentist. Nutrition habits are effective in restoring the tooth color.

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