Smile Design

Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Smile Design (Hollywood Smile) is a treatment used to give teeth and gums that have lost their aesthetic appeal for a variety of causes their natural and aesthetic appearance. Before beginning treatment, the patient’s face shape, mouth structure, tooth, and gum structure are examined, and the results of the examination are taken into consideration to create the appearance that is most natural.


How is Hollywood Smile performed?

Before beginning treatment, it is crucial to accurately understand the patient’s aesthetic expectations correctly and to determine the needs. The dentist prepares models of the patient’s mouth using measurements taken there to identify the problems with the mouth and tooth structure. The dentist decides the methods and procedures to use based on the determined problems. A treatment plan is created throughout the consultation phase based on the patient’s expectations and face structure.

After the treatment plan, the level disorders in the gums are mostly arranged if orthodontic treatment is not required. Depending on the treatment plan, implant placement or surgical application could be necessary in cases of tooth loss. Then, the tooth cleaning and whitening process is started. In this process, the patient’s teeth regain their natural and white color. After the tooth whitening process, aesthetic composite filling is applied to aesthetically impaired teeth if it is considered necessary. In cases where this method is not sufficient, laminated or zirconium veneer is applied. Every process is practiced before moving on to the next, which is done in accordance with the patient’s aesthetic goals. After the rehearsals, the smile design treatment is completed, giving the smile design its final form.

Many patients prefer medical facial filling procedures to enhance the aesthetic appearance and design of their smiles. Especially thanks to the dermal filling applied around the lip, the smile design of the patient is preserved, and the smile becomes more visible.


Who is suitable for smile design?

  • Those with crowding teeth or pattern disorders,
  • Those with irregular gums,
  • Those with irregular tooth sizes,
  • Those with abnormal staining or discoloration on their teeth,
  • Those who have lost teeth and missing teeth,

are suitable for smile design treatment. You should consult a dentist for smile design treatment. Smile design treatment is a set of treatments with multiple stages and procedures that the dentist should plan based on the patient’s condition.


Night Plaque

These are custom-made plaques according to the measurements taken from each patient to reduce the harm caused by clenching during sleep.It is easy to use and long lasting due to its hard exterior and soft interior.

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