Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium Veneer

Zirconium veneer is a porcelain tooth veneer method. Zirconium is turned into zirconia ceramic without metal by mixing with oxygen in special furnaces. Zirconium is compatible with soft tissue. It is also applied to patients who are allergic to metal. It is one of the most preferred dental veneer methods nowadays because of its advantages. It is frequently used to treat dental cavities or for aesthetic purposes. Zirconium-coated teeth require the same care as regular teeth.


How is zirconium veneer done?

Before beginning treatment, local anesthesia is given to the affected region of the patient to prevent pain. The teeth are reduced and shaped to the proper size for veneer. The color scale is used to make an appropriate color decision, and the tooth is prepared accordingly. The prepared veneer is adhered to the relevant area with a special adhesive. After the zirconium veneer, nothing should be eaten for half an hour.


What are the advantages of zirconium veneer?

  • Because it does not contain metal, it can be used even by those who are allergic to metal.
  • Natural tooth color is perfectly captured since it transmits light.
  • It prevents cold and hot sensitivity on teeth due to its heat insulating feature.
  • Plaque does not accumulate on the tooth porcelain surface since it is smooth and slippery.
  • It is not affected by teeth-yellowing factors such as tea and coffee. The color of the zirconium coating remains stable.
  • Zirconium veneer can be used for a very long time with regular examination and maintenance.


Who is suitable for zirconium veneer?

Zirconium coating is applied to people who have completed their jaw and tooth development. It is suggested for individuals who are in developmental age to wait until they complete their development.

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